Join us for our ribbon cutting ceremony Sunday, April 7, 2019!

The Ribbon Cutting celebration begins with a reception at the Springs of Suntree Clubhouse, 8300 Holiday Springs Rd.

At 4:30, we will talk about Gopher Tortoise Day which is April 10. We will share some information about our organization.

At 5:00 p.m. we will walk the 2 blocks to the grassy lot entrance to Hundred Acre Hollows where we will have the ribbon cutting at approximately 5:30. You will be invited in the gate to see the new native plant garden and walk up the berm to see this beautiful place. You may walk the 1.8 miles around the unimproved grassy berms or have a shorter stroll. Come see how nature has come alive in the basins. There are some 8-foot pine trees now! We recommend close-toed shoes, a sun hat, sunscreen, and bug spray. There are no restrooms. You can return to the clubhouse anytime to use the restrooms before you go home.

People are welcome; no pets.

For accessibility: A golf cart will be available for people with disabilities instead of walking the 2 blocks, but you will need to walk inside Hundred Acre Hollows if you wish to see it. There will be some lawn chairs for people who need to sit for the Ribbon Cutting. For more information, call 757-3637 or email us.

A map showing the Springs of Suntree Clubhouse is below.

Our new native plant garden, shelter, and rain barrel:

Our Native Plant Garden