Hundred Acre Hollows has come a long way in two years! Since we’ve last posted an update, we’ve added:

  • A native plant garden in the southeast corner planted by the Space Coast Audubon Society’s Audubon in Action grant
  • Four bat houses, as yet unoccupied but frequently enjoyed as perches by our area raptors. Three of the houses were made by local Girl Scouts
  • An owl box is on the southwest berm, also donated by the Space Coast Audubon Society

We’ve also done a lot of improvements such as widening the walking trails and cleaning out invasive plants. The Cogongrass was mostly eradicated, and the Brazilian pepper trees at the entrance have been cut back. We have work days where community volunteers have been extremely helpful in these efforts.

native plant garden

Audubon in Action Native Plant Garden

bat house

One of our 4 bat houses